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A legal high

A legal high

Nicola Hopes

15 November 2022

So, who’s feeling a little bit tired? A little bit flat with dark evenings? A tiny bit overwhelmed with the political minefield of Christmas gifts and visits?  

Who’s feeling just a little bit uninspired? 

Never fear. Inspiration is only a text or WhatsApp away. 

So, step back from that boring (but necessary) budget submission for next year and settle in for the next tool in your autumn / winter toolkit to ease your woes. 

I call it: Inspiration not perspiration 

Do you have someone in your life who just makes it all seem possible?  

Someone who makes you feel like you drank the Kool-Aid (in a good way) and you’re now floating on a sea of hope. 

It could be a colleague (or ex-colleague), a friend, a podcast host or a guru in your field. 

But what they have in common is they: 

  • Have a fascinating take or point of view 
  • Reject accepted thinking and don’t take no for an answer 
  • Lift up your eyes from your laptop to gaze at a bright and optimistic future 

So, make a beeline for them and get that buzz (pardon the pun). 

A legal high  

Make some space and seek out that inspirational voice and spend time with them. 

I mean quality time.  

Not 5 minutes snatched between meetings. Not a brief download over a tasteless panini and a weak coffee.  

Time like you really mean it. 

Create the space to be inspired. Re-energised.  

It will go a long way to seeing off the winter blues and restoring your resilience for the next challenge that comes along… and we know it’s coming! 

And the counterpoint is also true. I’m sure you have someone (several people?) in your life whose negative energy could fill any space provided. And they’d still have some moaning left over to tell you about their train woes. 

Avoid them like the plague! Give them a big old swerve while you’re getting your inspiration on. 

But, while we’re on the subject – who can you inspire? 

Share the love 

Who’s looking like they’re in need of a boost?  

Who could benefit from your unique experience and perspective? And your unique sense of humour of course – don’t be offended, we’ve both heard your dodgy jokes! 

It doesn’t have to be someone in your team – in fact it’s better if it isn’t. They already get the benefit of your genius. Spread the love wider! 

So, make room to get inspired (and inspire others) this November. After all, you deserve to end the year on a high, right? 


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