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About Me

I am an executive coach and change management consultant who turns business and individual goals into reality.

Over the last 22 years I have worked with many different types of organisations across Europe and Asia as a Director and then consultant, including large corporates, mutuals, co-operatives, partnerships, social enterprises and academic institutes.

I also have experience in a range of sectors, for example financial services (including Barclays Bank and Yorkshire Building Society), retail (including the Co-operative Group and the Very Group), the property industry (including Knight Frank), travel and leisure (including Brittany Ferries) and the education sector (including The Open University).

This wide variety of experience has given me access to global best practice in strategy and change – specifically in the fields of digital technology, structure and governance, cultural and business change and mergers and acquisitions.

I am a firm believer that there’s no single way to achieve change. I offer a range of insights and techniques to help individuals and organisations embrace it and to make their ideas a reality.

I am a member of The Association for Coaching®, a leading independent, professional body dedicated to promoting best practice standards of coaching, worldwide.

My Approach

It’s all about people!

It’s all about people!

Bring the people and the outcomes follow

You have to understand people and take them with you if you want to make a real change.

Let’s understand today’s values and culture and how we can use that to be successful.

One step at a time!

To achieve anything, you have to break it down into manageable steps

Let’s set out those steps and take them together, one at a time.

Always ask why!

Always ask why!

You can’t hit a target you can’t define

What’s the goal and why does it matter?

Let’s get really clear on where we are heading as the first step to getting there.

Go your own way!

Go Your Own Way!

There’s no single way to achieve anything

Nothing works like the textbook – best practice should inform, not dictate, the answer.

Let’s tailor everything we do – so it’s designed with you and for you.

Look for the learning!

Look for the learning!

Successful people and organisations are always learning

There are always new ideas and approaches to be shared.

Looking at challenges in new ways solves problems.

Let’s try new things in a smart way.

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To go somewhere different you have to do something different
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