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About Me

Hi – I’m Nicola, an exec coach and change consultant

As unique as your challenges are, chances are over the past 25 years I’ve probably seen something like them!

I’ve been at a CEO’s side through the roller-coaster of modernising his business. I’ve managed an agonisingly political merger. Designed a leadership team that prevented mass burnout. And helped brave leaders wow their boards and teams.

And I’ve relished every minute.

You’ll get my passion

My day is made when clients get excited, not scared by change. When they have the confidence to grab change with both hands and show it who’s boss. Sound good to you?

Or when I help turn a disillusioned team who want to throw in the towel into a focussed, passionate, Formula 1-style pit team. Would that make your life easier?

And especially when leaders embrace the freedom of not having all the answers and inspire their team to breathtaking new heights. Are you sighing with relief yet?!

I’m told my ability to get to the heart of the challenge is my secret sauce. And I’ll use it to get you clear on what you’re aiming for, and how to get there – step by fabulous step.

You’ll get tailored solutions

I’m adamant there’s no single way to achieve change. Everything I do is tailored to the individual or the culture and purpose of the organisation, to make change stick.

You’ll get experience and ideas

As a Director and then consultant I’ve delivered solutions for a wide range of organisations and sectors across Europe and Asia – including financial services, retail, professional services, travel and leisure, and education. To underpin that experience I am reassuringly qualified, including membership of the Association for Coaching®.

My quizzical raised eyebrow is legendary with those I work with – but you have to experience it for yourself.

I’ve got a large mug of ginger tea on standby ready to hear about your challenge and have some fun solving it with you.

My Approach

It’s all about people!

It’s all about people!

Bring the people and the outcomes follow

You have to understand people and take them with you if you want to make a real change.

Let’s understand today’s values and culture and how we can use that to be successful.

One step at a time!

To achieve anything, you have to break it down into manageable steps

Let’s set out those steps and take them together, one at a time.

Always ask why!

Always ask why!

You can’t hit a target you can’t define

What’s the goal and why does it matter?

Let’s get really clear on where we are heading as the first step to getting there.

Go your own way!

Go Your Own Way!

There’s no single way to achieve anything

Nothing works like the textbook – best practice should inform, not dictate, the answer.

Let’s tailor everything we do – so it’s designed with you and for you.

Look for the learning!

Look for the learning!

Successful people and organisations are always learning

There are always new ideas and approaches to be shared.

Looking at challenges in new ways solves problems.

Let’s try new things in a smart way.

Want to know more?

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