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17 May 2022
And the award doesn’t go to… are you trying to do 10 things badly? 

Are you in danger of doing 10 things badly rather than 3 things well?  

Are you feeling like the proverbial butterfly, flitting in and out of key projects without feeling like you’re really making a difference? 

You’re not alone. 

Almost every client I speak to right now is feeling that way.  

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      3 May 2022
      Are you a ‘caver’ with big projects? 

      Are you a ‘caver’? 

      I mean, do you cave in and give up too easily when you’re told your plans might not be possible or your timelines are unreasonable? 

      Well, cavers live in the dark. And that’s not where you want to be, is it? 

      Look, I know the reality of making change happen in a demanding business. We’ve all heard the analogy of changing the wheels while the car is moving.  

      19 April 2022
      Why am I even here? The beauty of outcome focussed meetings 

      I almost spat my mint tea over my screen with laughter.

      We were discussing how to make time for development in a coaching wrap up session and one joyfully defiant comment really tickled me.

      22 March 2022
      Stop. Collaborate and LISTEN

      I’m very good at spotting when a client is on transmit and not receive. But I have been known to get the balance wrong myself and it almost cost me (and my client) a day of time… 

      8 March 2022
      Her behaviour isn’t the problem: the messages you send to female colleagues

      For every 66 women we talk to about their personal style, we talk to 1 man about theirs. 

      In 2022 we still seem utterly obsessed with how women behave. 

      14 February 2022
      What’s driving your bike: how to harness the IQ and EQ

      Imagine the scene, it’s a cold February afternoon. I’m at a conference. I’ve heard several speakers already and my brain is whirling with the ideas I’ve heard and dissolving under the weight of them. My energy levels are dropping and I’m wondering when the next coffee break is… 

      1 February 2022
      Choosing not to get wiser?

      Heard at a recent leadership webinar I attended… 

      “Experience isn’t worth anything –

      it’s the reflection on that experience that counts.

      If we don’t reflect, we’re choosing not to get wiser”

      In amongst some theory about wisdom (perhaps too much theory if you ask me), that statement stood out, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon. 

      So, why is reflection such a big deal?  

      19 January 2022
      The ‘F’ word: what gives you the fear?

      So, whether you’re optimistic about 2022 or feeling as knackered as when you finished last year… I think we can all agree that the pace isn’t slowing. We’ve given up on waiting for more certainty to get stuff done so we’re on with the strategy and turning plans into action. But is something holding you back? Something that’s stopping you kicking off that project or starting that goal? 

      7 December 2021
      Quality feedback in 90 seconds

      Give or receive meaningful feedback in less time than it takes to make a soft-boiled egg?  


      You betcha! 

      23 November 2021
      Ask for what you want – you just might get it!

      One of the things my best mate likes about me is that I’m not afraid to (politely) ask for what I want. (Accepting, of course, that I may not always get it). This is often helped by a side-order of cheek – I can’t help it, it’s genetic. 

      9 November 2021
      Why does it have to be you?

      Let me just say for the record – I know you’re fabulous. I know you’re uniquely skilled to do what you do, and they’d be lost without you… 

      (Yes, you guessed it, there’s a ‘but’ coming) 

      …but…what makes you think it’s all down to you? 

      26 October 2021
      Style over Substance

      Picture the scene: I’m on my way to work with an amazing client and facilitate their workshop. The prep is done, the agenda is set, and I’m ready!

      12 October 2021
      Are you tired and emotional?

      I had the rare experience a couple of weeks ago of coming close to losing my cool. 

      In the same 4-hour period I had an emotional personal blow, an annoying work blow, some (helpful) but very direct feedback that felt like a sucker punch and, finally, a scheduling nightmare (not my creation) on a very important meeting. 

      28 September 2021
      We forgot why we were doing this

      Layering in additional stuff just leads to distraction and overwhelm. All organisations have a finite capacity for change – regardless of how much money you choose to throw at it. 

      14 September 2021
      Curiosity killed nobody – the cat’s fine!

      It might not surprise you to know that one of my most annoying habits as a child (I’m told there were several) was relentlessly asking why.  

      I didn’t accept anything on face value. And the arbitrary ‘because I said so’ was like a red rag to a bull to me. 

      10 August 2021
      Conquering Change: Your blueprint for change that sticks

      What have you learned about making change stick in the pandemic?

      27 July 2021
      Who you gonna call?

      We all need a safety net of collaborators and friends to turn to in a crisis, but how do you maintain these relationships to ensure a network of trusted advisors when needed?

      13 July 2021
      Launching Pilot Change Programme Autumn 2021

      The pandemic has shown us that there are better ways to deliver change – cheaper, faster and with fewer people.

      Heavy, cumbersome transformation programmes have no place in a post-COVID world.

      29 June 2021
      Comms: why are you making them do it?

      Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail – and not communicating a powerful vision is a key contributing factor.

      16 June 2021
      Why are we still talking about methodology?

      Have you pushed decision-making as low as you can? Or are you finding yourself marking others’ homework?

      1 June 2021
      What to do if you're a learning grouch like me

      The higher achieving you are, the more likely you are to set high standards for yourself. Therefore, the more likely you are to resent being a beginner. And to learn new skills you have start, well, at the beginning.


      18 May 2021
      Shocker: change plans that actually, erm, deliver change!

      The success of the NHS vaccine rollout, combined with the meeting of all key dates so far, is making future promises feel more credible. More reliable.

      And some of those same principles underpin any successful change roadmap.

      4 May 2021
      The worst decision you ever made?

      You’ll be pleased to know that improving the speed and quality of decision-making doesn’t have to involve a headache-inducing re-structure of your teams and meetings.

      But it does involve some thought.

      Try these tips and reap the rewards.


      20 April 2021
      Regrets? I've had a few

      The things that feel like missed opportunities right now are telling you a lot about your priorities going forward.

      6 April 2021
      Re-write History? You? Never

      Do you tell yourself you were always destined for greatness? Perhaps evidenced by your powerful portrayal of ‘Tree in Wood’ in the school play?

      22 March 2021
      It's time to face your feedback

      Good quality feedback is FREE development, it just involves some time and effort in asking and interpretation.

      9 March 2021
      Something to look forward to

      Having fun to anticipate is a basic human need. And it manages anxiety.
      Your team have been through a lot. But you can help them bounce back. What can you create in their diary now for them to look forward to in the future?

      23 February 2021
      It all worked fine until people started using it

      I get the idea of selling a dream, but this email was totally out of touch with reality. And, most importantly, out of touch with their end users – their customers.

      It reminded me of why so many change plans are going wrong right now. 

      9 February 2021
      Running into problems? Here's your crash mat!

      New perspectives solve problems.

      But we’re not getting new perspectives right now. Think about the exchange of ideas you’re missing out on in the coffee queue or the quick drink after work. You may even be solving an old problem because you didn’t get the update in that 5-minute lift ride that yesterday’s crisis has evaporated.  

      Sure, you can get new ideas from reading or research but there’s a better way.

      27 January 2021
      Happy with how you spend your time?

      At this time of year when reflecting on aims, I often hear a desire from my clients to “manage time better,” “be more productive,” or “focus on what matters.”

      Even very successful clients, whose role would prematurely age the average genius, struggle with time management

      12 January 2021
      Worrying: the new hobby for 2021?

      So, hands up if you thought that the craziness at the end of 2020, had to give way to a more measured and manageable 2021?

      It can’t carry on being this chaotic, right?

      Ah, apparently it can.

      15 December 2020
      Cartwheel or crawl into 2021 - your choice

      Usually at this time of year I spend lots of time looking forward.

      But this year is different. There’s far more ‘here and now’ activity that’s taking up my time.

      And it’s concerning me.

      2 December 2020
      Beat the brain fog

      Hands up if your brain is trying to solve multiple ‘crises’, your end of year energy levels are sapping and you’re finding yourself in various states of inertia.

      You too? You’re not alone.

      18 November 2020
      The right kind of thank you

      A few years ago, I had a team member called Melissa. She was excellent at her job as a senior programme manager and had many successes. But unlike other members of my team, public recognition was not her bag.

      3 November 2020
      Change is a risky business

      Change is about taking calculated risks and managing them.

      It’s about setting a direction, accepting you don’t yet know how to get there and gathering a team who just might help you find the way.

      20 October 2020
      The lockdown paradox: has it given us more freedom at work?

      It seems we’ll be in varying degrees of lockdown for the foreseeable future, but the impact on working life hasn't all been bad.

      6 October 2020
      'Commute' like a boss - a coping strategy for working from home

      In the increasingly frequent, and occasionally baffling, updates from the government, it’s become clear that the advice for the foreseeable future is to work from home if you can… which could last for 6 months.

      24 September 2020
      The Revenge of the Cancelled Project!

      I loved horror B-movies when I was younger. Who can forget The Fly? Or Halloween? But there’s a horror story unfolding in many organisations right now: The Revenge of the Cancelled Project!

      10 September 2020
      Bland Ambition - are you a memorable leader?

      What makes a memorable leader? For one of my most memorable bosses it was his consistency and his style.

      29 August 2020
      More tools for your 2020 development

      I’m not a betting woman, but if I was, I’d put good money on you not being as adaptable or flexible as you think you are.

      13 August 2020
      Tools for your 2020 development and beyond

      You’ve probably thrown most of your plans from January 2020 out the window. I’m afraid it’s time to throw out one more – your development plan – and here’s why…


      29 July 2020
      Time to ditch the Superhero routine - be a new kind of leader

      Your team doesn’t need a Superhero: Here’s how to be a better leader right now.


      15 July 2020
      Leading change - how to reduce the time commitment

      I’ve been talking to my network of Sponsors – some of whom I coach – about how they are finding life at the moment.

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