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Practical tips to boost you and your team to be confident with continuous change

31 October 2023
The power of the pre-mortem

You’ve heard me bang on many times about the need to really learn lessons from change to get better.

All too often we merrily do the retrospective or the post-project review. BUT we don’t then encode the lessons into our processes and our thinking to avoid them next time.

18 October 2023
Make your 'problem' part of the solution

May I share a snippet from a recent client conversation...

Me: So, you've got the scope of the project agreed and you've got the resources approved to deliver it?

Them: Yeah!

Me: And you've engaged the right people in the solution and the board are buying it?

Them: Yes!

Me: Most people would love to be in that situation, and you've still got issues? Tell me more...

6 June 2023
Build it, and they will come

Ever find yourself wondering why change isn’t getting easier?

The issue might be that you aren’t building the right change capability.

According to the latest McKinsey research on the change readiness of organisations, almost half of your team members and colleagues believe that more change is coming, BUT you’re not building the skills to deliver and adopt it.

24 May 2023
You're not prepared, and neither are they!

Would it surprise you to know that, despite most organisations (and people) knowing more change is coming, only 40% of people think they have time to adopt new ways of working? More worryingly, only 55% of people believe that change management skills are being developed in their organisations.

That was the dismal statistic we were discussing in a change readiness webinar I attended last week. It’s based on the latest McKinsey research on the change readiness of organisations.

25 April 2023
What's your angle?

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island, you’ll have heard me bang on about the importance of involving users in change. (And if you have been living on a desert island, I’d like some photos of your view please!) 

But even if you’ve bought in to the argument about engaging your users, you might be coming at it from the wrong angle. 

5 April 2023
What's your change trigger?

You might not know it, but you have a change trigger. (No, I’m not talking about that song that reminds you of your first rejection at the school disco).

And, without knowing it, it’s getting in the way of you being as awesome as we both know you are.

Let me explain. Different types of change affect people in different ways. There will be types of change that you react much more strongly to.

22 March 2023
Practice makes better - forget perfect

I can’t count how many post-implementation reviews or lessons learned sessions I’ve led. I do them for every change I’m involved in.

But here’s the kicker. No matter how experienced, professional or motivated the team – I’ve never had a review where nothing went wrong. I’ve never had that unicorn of a meeting where we all agreed it went marvellously and headed to the pub for a well-earned glass of fizz.

21 February 2023
How to avoid the change car crash

Overheard in a coaching session recently….

Me: So, you think you’re confident with change?
Client: Yes. I react really positively to it.
Me: Really? Because that new service you were asked to deliver last year really sent you through a loop…

7 February 2023
Change Chicken or Change Conqueror?

Are you struggling to make change at the pace you need?  

Yes? Trust me, you’re not alone! 

3 May 2022
Are you a ‘caver’ with big projects? 

Are you a ‘caver’? 

I mean, do you cave in and give up too easily when you’re told your plans might not be possible or your timelines are unreasonable? 

Well, cavers live in the dark. And that’s not where you want to be, is it? 

Look, I know the reality of making change happen in a demanding business. We’ve all heard the analogy of changing the wheels while the car is moving.  

19 April 2022
Why am I even here? The beauty of outcome focussed meetings 

I almost spat my mint tea over my screen with laughter.

We were discussing how to make time for development in a coaching wrap up session and one joyfully defiant comment really tickled me.

28 September 2021
We forgot why we were doing this

Layering in additional stuff just leads to distraction and overwhelm. All organisations have a finite capacity for change – regardless of how much money you choose to throw at it. 

10 August 2021
Conquering Change: Your blueprint for change that sticks

What have you learned about making change stick in the pandemic?

13 July 2021
Launching Pilot Change Programme Autumn 2021

The pandemic has shown us that there are better ways to deliver change – cheaper, faster and with fewer people.

Heavy, cumbersome transformation programmes have no place in a post-COVID world.

29 June 2021
Comms: why are you making them do it?

Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail – and not communicating a powerful vision is a key contributing factor.

16 June 2021
Why are we still talking about methodology?

Have you pushed decision-making as low as you can? Or are you finding yourself marking others’ homework?

18 May 2021
Shocker: change plans that actually, erm, deliver change!

The success of the NHS vaccine rollout, combined with the meeting of all key dates so far, is making future promises feel more credible. More reliable.

And some of those same principles underpin any successful change roadmap.

23 February 2021
It all worked fine until people started using it

I get the idea of selling a dream, but this email was totally out of touch with reality. And, most importantly, out of touch with their end users – their customers.

It reminded me of why so many change plans are going wrong right now. 

3 November 2020
Change is a risky business

Change is about taking calculated risks and managing them.

It’s about setting a direction, accepting you don’t yet know how to get there and gathering a team who just might help you find the way.

24 September 2020
The Revenge of the Cancelled Project!

I loved horror B-movies when I was younger. Who can forget The Fly? Or Halloween? But there’s a horror story unfolding in many organisations right now: The Revenge of the Cancelled Project!

15 July 2020
Leading change - how to reduce the time commitment

I’ve been talking to my network of Sponsors – some of whom I coach – about how they are finding life at the moment.

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