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Conquering Change: Your blueprint for change that sticks

Conquering Change: Your blueprint for change that sticks

Nicola Hopes

10 August 2021

What have you learned about making change stick in the pandemic?  

  • Have you ripped up the rulebook and nailed it, or had your hands tied in red tape? 
  • Maybe you’ve enjoyed some success, but you’re convinced there could be more? 
  • Or did your project die before the ink was dry on the project plan?  

Regardless of where you’ve been, you know you still need to change. Whether that’s because of the race to digital services or hybrid working, you know you have to do things differently if you’re going to be the organisation that customers love and colleagues stay loyal to. 

But, even before the pandemic, change was hard to get right. According to research by KPMG, a whopping 70% of organisations suffered at least one project failure in the previous 12 months and 50% said that their project failed to achieve what they set out to. 

It’s been even harder in a virtual world, where resource and budget are scarce, but there’s good news.  There is a better way.  

During the pandemic I conducted extensive research across more than 20 organisations and 15 sectors to create a blueprint for change success. It’s your shortcut to deliver change cheaper, faster and with fewer people.  And most importantly – change that sticks. For good. 

You’ll be one step closer to being the envy of your peers and wowing the Board by making the change nobody thought was possible. 


Conquering Change: Your blueprint for change that sticks 

My live online pilot this Autumn is a module-based programme where I’ll share my research and personal lessons on what makes change work in our unpredictable times. 

Let me save you time and money as I help you cut through the overwhelming range of techniques out there, to show you: 

  1. Which strategies to adopt right now 
  2. Which to leave by the wayside forever 
  3. How to make them work for you and your organisation  

In 4 x 2-hour masterclasses I’ll give you the toolkit and knowledge to: 

  • Deliver the outcomes you need 
  • Put your users front and centre 
  • Engage hearts and minds in change 
  • Create awesome change teams 
  • Revolutionise decision-making
  • Create plans you can believe in 

But we’re not going back to school and just learning theory. 

With my practical tips and unconventional ideas (that you can implement tomorrow), this programme leaves you with:

  • A laser focus on what to do differently 
  • Clarity on what to hold on to 
  • A team of energised people 
  • A mandate to make it happen.  

And it won’t hurt – I promise! 

The waiting list for the pilot is now open – join now to be the first to find out all the details of the programme and how it can help you (no obligation).

Get Me On The Wait List Please!

Ps. This programme is the result of hours and hours of planning and I’m so excited to share it with you! In it I draw on… 

  • 3500 hours of coaching and consultancy for those leading change through the pandemic 
  • Research from 50 hours of structured interviews
  • The generous participation of 23 organisations 
  • Information from 15 industries – including Tech, Education, Sport, Motor, Finance, Retail, Building, Property, Manufacturing, Power, Travel, Law, Logistics, Local Authorities and Charities. 


And all that insight can be yours soon – make sure you get on the waitlist to get more information in a couple of weeks. 

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