Influential Leaders

You need an experienced leader who’s been there and done it with some proven techniques that you can develop at your own pace. Someone who tailors the development to you without using standard off the shelf training that doesn’t take into account your experience and circumstances.


  • You are laser focused! You’re clear on your priorities, so you aren’t wasting waste your precious time on things that don’t matter
  • As a more confident leader, comfortable in your skin, you inspire your team to take on new challenges, generate and try new ideas and step up their effectiveness
  • You lead a team that is motivated and productive. They know when they are performing and when they are not and what to do about it, allowing you to step back and let them be great
  • As a result, your clients or colleagues love you and you are famous for leading a great, dynamic team

Creating a new function, building a team and setting up a culture felt quite overwhelming.

Setting the right targets and milestones with a clear vision ahead helped me stay focused and authentic.

I was promoted twice at a global level in less than a year!

Global Design Director
Private Members Club

I’m more successful in my new role [and have] improved relationships with peers and team members.

I’m better as an influencer and I’m more equipped to lead my team to deal with challenges.



Chief Technology Officer
Global Software Services Company
Case Study
To go somewhere different you have to do something different
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