Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. There are more questions than answers and you don’t know the next step to take.

You may be feeling blocked. You’re hitting brick walls because the things that used to work for you aren’t working now, and you don’t know why.

You could be feeling lonely because you don’t have anyone to confide in and people may be scared to tell you the truth or challenge you.

You need a trusted advisor, a critical friend who tells you the truth. A confidante who you can shape and test your ideas with.

Someone to help you get where you want to go or someone who can help you to find the next exciting chapter in your life.


  • You’re clear. You know where you are heading and why
  • You’re achieving things you didn’t think were possible and you are being rewarded with either an amazing reputation, a successful team or financial returns... or possibly all three!
  • By focusing on the things that are fulfilling and rewarding, you have created a great life for yourself that makes you happy
  • You spend your precious time and energy wisely
  • You are the person or leader you want to be, perhaps the one that others admire

I feel more of a Chief Exec now than I have even been.

Housing Association

The team found the sessions useful both developmentally and operationally in their roles.

I would recommend Nicola as I’m a strong believer in the value she brings with her coaching.

Head of Business
Car Retailer
Case Studies
To go somewhere different you have to do something different
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