Case Study
MD desperately in need of downtime

Managing Director of a Building Company who’d had coaching before. Her standards were relentlessly high – both at work and home.

She didn’t ever get to relax and enjoy the fruits of her labours until everything was perfect. Even being ill wasn’t a reason to stop.

The hours and the negative self-talk were draining. She wasn’t even able to entertain unless she had 'the exact tonic water in the fridge that particular friend liked’.

What we did

She wanted to reduce the negative self-talk and judgement that came with her impossible standards. They were driving these unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

I knew from experience that the answer lay in exploring her values. She was brave and prepared to face into some long held and deep-rooted ideas. We revealed the new choices she had in the future that would enable her to feel, think, do differently. Her new priorities were set, and there was no stopping her!


She described a new clarity on her priorities, a lightness and the energy that comes when you focus your effort on the things that really matter to you. She’s absolutely nailing it!

Two years on her business is growing year on year, despite her working fewer hours. At home she has set up an outside space (her sanctuary you might call it) for her to read and relax. She prioritises quality time with her family over how the house looks. And she can entertain her friends regardless of what tonic water she happens to have in the fridge!

I thought Nicola was an amazing coach, she was professional but was committed to the relationship, she listened deeply and encouraged me to really use this time to get great value out of it.

Managing Director
Building Company
To go somewhere different you have to do something different
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