Case Study
Academic in need of joy and inspiration

This client was fed up with her job. Her academic role involved researching difficult subject-matter that made day to day work quite harrowing. A recent bereavement had made her reflect on her priorities and it was time for a change.

What we did

She trusted me at a difficult time in her life to know when to push and when to hold back and she was bold and open to new ideas. We used techniques to understand:

  • The choices that got her to where she was
  • What values would drive her future
  • Her competing voices and priorities
  • Her dreams for the future.

It turned out that what she wanted to do was there all along as a dream she had ignored for many years – she wanted to write and perform comedy – but she needed a way to learn her new craft while still earning money.


We came up with a plan that allowed her to continue her paid work with reduced hours to allow her to research and experiment with writing and performing. And she didn’t hold back!

She has attended specialised workshops and seminars and spoken to other writers to develop a network. She has now done a number of solo comedy performances, had a paid writing gig and has participated in a podcast series spotlighting female comedy talent.

She describes the writing and performing as her ‘joy’ which is such a stark contrast from her previous job. It’s a pleasure and inspiration to still be working with her as she moves towards fulfilling her dreams.

Since working with Nicola, I have been offered insight and challenges I wouldn’t have found on my own. She is astute, provocative and, above all helpful.

Senior Researcher
Northwest University
To go somewhere different you have to do something different
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