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Change Chicken or Change Conqueror?

Change Chicken or Change Conqueror?

Nicola Hopes

7 February 2023

Chicken to Conqueror v1

Are you struggling to make change at the pace you need?

Yes? Trust me, you’re not alone! 

Many organisations just can’t change at the speed they want right now, due to: 

  • Resistance – colleagues who push back on change or are already overwhelmed with the day job
  • Insecurity – Boards and Execs who’ve had their fingers burned on key projects that went south
  • Fear – leaders who’d rather jab a pen in their eye than step into the spotlight to lead that must-do programme
  • Funds and resources – becoming more limited by the day!

Or maybe you’re getting some projects delivered but you have a nagging feeling you could do more or go further? Or get a whole lot more radical? 

Well, never fear. Nicola’s here. And I’m going to help. 


The Change Confidence Blueprint 

This is a tried and tested blueprint that will allow you to deliver change with confidence. A set of tools and techniques to enable you and your teams to embrace change with more confidence and, crucially, more success.  

This blueprint is based on extensive research into what makes change stick – real projects, real people and real organisations – with all their issues. Including:

  • Over 10,000 hours of coaching and consultancy for those leading change, including through the pandemic
  • Research from 50 hours of structured interviews
  • The generous participation of 23 organisations
  • Insight from 15 industries – including Tech, Education, Sport, Motor, Finance, Retail, Building, Property, Manufacturing, Power, Travel, Law, Logistics, Local Authorities and Charities


The Change Confidence Blueprint is your shortcut to lead change confidently and take people with you on the journey. And most importantly – do it cheaper, faster and with fewer people. 

Some inspiration to whet your appetite 

My favourite quotes from the research: 

“Stuff got done in hours that would have taken years.  

How do we bottle and re-use that?”. 

“Organisations have seen themselves become resilient through COVID. 

It’s led to confidence in their ability not just to cope with change but to lead change and thrive.” 

“What we thought was a workaround is now a preferred way of working.” 

What can the Change Confidence Blueprint do for you? 

You’ll get… 

  • A set of tools and techniques to make you feel confident with continuous change, avoid failed projects and make the most of every opportunity 
  • Practical tips and checklists – that you can implement tomorrow – not theory

Who can benefit?

Anyone leading or overseeing change in their organisation

How’s it delivered?

It’s flexible depending on your needs so can be delivered as:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Masterclasses
  • Programmes

To find out more email

Let's get quizzical!

And if you’re not sure how Change Confident you are right now, why don’t you take my Change Confidence Quiz! 

Perhaps you’re a Change Chicken who’s honest about needing some support to become more Change Confident? Or perhaps you’re a brave Change Conqueror who goes where others fear to tread? 

When you complete the quiz, you’ll get a bespoke plan that outlines your specific challenges. It includes a step-by-step guide to becoming more change confident and practical tips you can start today.

Come on, it’s time to get confident with change!

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