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Launching Pilot Change Programme Autumn 2021

Launching Pilot Change Programme Autumn 2021

Nicola Hopes

13 July 2021

The pandemic has shown us that there are better ways to deliver change – cheaper, faster and with fewer people.

Heavy, cumbersome transformation programmes have no place in a post-COVID world.

So, how do we make sure we learn those lessons and get better?

I’m launching a live online pilot change programme this Autumn for a small group of change leaders that will include:

  • Simple techniques to deliver benefits faster, cheaper or both!
  • Delivering change with fewer people – without sacrificing precious results
  • Creating continuous change momentum – no more erratic peaks and troughs

…And I have now opened the waiting list for the pilot!

It’s only taken about…

  • 3500 hours of coaching and consultancy for those leading change through the pandemic
  • Research from 50 hours of structured interviews
  • The generous participation of 22 organisations
  • Information from 13 industries – including Tech, Education, Sport, Motor, Local Authorities, Retail, Building, Manufacturing, Power, Travel, Law, Logistics and Property


Some inspiration to whet your appetite

Some of my very favourite quotes from the research:

“Stuff got done in hours that would have taken years.
How do we bottle and re-use that?”.

“Organisations have seen themselves resilient through the change.
It’s led to confidence in their ability not just to cope with change but to lead change and thrive.”

“What we thought was a workaround is now a preferred way of working.”

What the programme is

1. A framework with underlying principles that builds on existing methodologies and makes them practical to implement, including:

  • Re-using agile techniques
  • Using core consulting techniques
  • Techniques to speed up delivery and reduce red tape

2. A set of modules (delivered virtually), with a toolkit:

  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Templates

3. A network of alumni:

  • Group mentoring
  • Exercises

What it isn’t

  • A new form of accreditation
  • A process to slavishly follow
  • A replacement for existing methods that work
  • A cult… although I do hope you become a believer!

Turn your change professionals into the consultants you can’t afford!

Be the first to find out more juicy news about the programme (no obligation) by emailing me today!

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