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How to avoid the change car crash

How to avoid the change car crash

Nicola Hopes

21 February 2023

Car Crash

Overheard in a coaching session recently….

Me: So, you think you’re confident with change?

Client: Yes. I react really positively to it.

Me: Really? Because that new service you were asked to deliver last year really sent you through a loop…

Client: Yes, but that was because of the timescales involved. There was no time to get it done properly.

Me: OK. But what about that change to your reporting line – I know you really struggled with that?

Client: I mean. I know I really struggled…but it was a whole new way of working. And the project priority list changed at the same time!

Me: [blinking at the screen waiting for the penny to drop]

You might think you’re confident with change. You might think you roll with the punches and you’re always looking forward.

But are you really?

The client above had a reason why each change they struggled with was a problem. Seeing them as isolated incidents, rather than a pattern of change discomfort or change resistance. Once he faced the fact that he lacked confidence with change, he became better at spotting the signs of discomfort and managing them. And his team are delighted!

Are you curious to see how confident you are with change? Well, take 5 mins out of your day and take my Change Confidence Quiz!

You might find (like my client) you’re a Change Chicken (no offense!) who really needs to embrace change confidence! Or you might surprise yourself by being a brave Change Conqueror who’s nailing it!

When you complete the quiz, you’ll get a bespoke plan that outlines your specific challenges. It includes a step-by-step guide to becoming more change confident and practical tips you can start today.

Go on – are you feeling lucky?

From a Change Car Crash…

But regardless of how confident you are with change, you might still be pushing water uphill trying to make it happen in your team or organisation.

• Is everyone around you underlining all the reasons why not?
• Does everything take months of exhausting consultation to get going?
• Do the Board think it should be delivered overnight – whilst simultaneously blocking any big steps you want to make?
• Are your resources getting trimmed to within an inch of their lives?

Yes? Trust me, you’re not alone! And I’m going to help by introducing you…

…to The Change Confidence Blueprint

This is a tried and tested blueprint that will allow you to deliver change with confidence. A set of tools and techniques to enable you and your team to embrace change with more confidence and, crucially, more success.

“I’m amazed at how simple ideas and techniques have made the world of difference. I don’t know why we didn’t do this ages ago!”

The blueprint is based on solid research – real projects, real people and real organisations:

• Over 10,000 hours of coaching and consultancy for those leading change, including through the pandemic
• Research from 50 hours of structured interviews
• The generous participation of 23 organisations
•Insight from 15 industries – including Tech, Education, Sport, Motor, Finance, Retail, Building, Property, Manufacturing, Power, Travel, Law, Logistics, Local Authorities and Charities

The Change Confidence Blueprint is your shortcut to lead change confidently and take people with you on the journey. And most importantly – do it cheaper, faster and with fewer people.

You’ll get…

  • A set of tools and techniques - to make you feel confident with continuous change, avoid failed projects and make the most of every opportunity
  • Practical tips and checklists - that you can implement tomorrow - not theory

Who can benefit?

  • Anyone leading or overseeing change in their organisation

How’s it delivered?

It’s flexible depending on your needs so can be delivered as:

  • 121 Coaching
  • Keynote speeches
  • Masterclasses
  • Programmes

To find out more email

I’ve helped hundreds of people and organisations amplify their change confidence.

Let me help you too.

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