Case Study
Leadership team who needed to deliver
commercial results - and quickly!

A new Chief Commercial Officer was appointed to lead a team (consisting of Directors and Heads of).

There were issues with the collaboration and the performance of the team.

Decision-making needed an overhaul and team roles updated due to new structure.

What we did
  • Identify the problem: using a combination of interviews and team effectiveness exercises I was able to establish what was going well… and what needed to change.
  • Test it: I played back what I’d heard and how that was getting in the way of their success – and checked it reflected what they saw day to day. The team had been honest and fully engaged in the exercises so it did!
  • Plan: using interactive group sessions and individual discussions we agreed the focus areas for change, the actions and the success measures.
  • Support: we designed individual support for the team members to help them deliver on the actions

The team are working together much more effectively, and they have made the changes they need to make at their own pace. They have:

  • Delivered key projects together that drive increased revenue for the business
  • Solved new business problems together, using each other’s strengths
  • More autonomy in their role due to less duplications in discussion and decisions
  • Let go of the past

Nicola established a way of working that built trust with the team.

She possessed the knowledge and know-how needed to support, discuss, persuade and overcome potential issues that would take the team on the journey.

Chief Commercial Officer
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