Case Study
Team needing a modern commercial structure

The strategy of the business had changed with more focus on digital technologies and group-wide centres of excellence to serve customer needs. This resulted in the creation of three new group-wide teams – impacting around 300 people – in an initiative that I co-led. We then needed to design the next level down.

What we did

I led the detailed team design and implementation for one of the three new teams focussed on increasing talent and expertise in business insight and managing revenue. Supported by a talented HR colleague, we tailored an industry-leading process that took us through collaborative and engaging steps to:

  • Gather data on what was working today and what needed to change based on the strategy
  • Design options for the new team structures
  • Evaluate and test those options against their aims
  • Plan the implementation of the new design taking into account
    • people change e.g. new roles, training and development
    • process change
    • tool change.

The team leaders involved took complete ownership over their area of responsibility, enabled by the process we used, which was awesome to see. They were happy and more confident that their remit was now right.

Within two months we created two structural designs and an implementation plan that was in line with the company brand, culture and affordability constraints.

We are in the process of delivering that plan which covers:

  • Handing over accountabilities to other teams
  • Changes to existing roles
  • Creating new functional areas and roles
  • Training and development
  • Knowledge transfer

The real test of the quality and longevity of the work is that despite the huge impact of a global pandemic, the structure and plans remain the same with a slightly altered timeline.

I would have no hesitation in using Nicola again and again.

If you would like a new team designed professionally, reflecting you and your customers’ needs, then give her a call!

Chief Commercial Officer
Travel Company
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