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Down it!

Down it!

Nicola Hopes

4 October 2022

Well, we were promised an Indian summer. But that doesn’t appear to have happened as the last two weeks have been flippin’ freezing! So cold, in fact, that my Yorkshire husband has agreed for the heating to be on before October. I know! 

So, as you reach for your autumn and winter kit, I’m sharing a series of tools to help you re-stock your armoury for the season. 

Think of them like the reassuring hug of the cosy jumper and warm socks you need in your life right now. 

Here we go with the first… Down it! 

I know you can identify that key action / project / deliverable that’s got to be done soon… 

You know, the one that keeps moving from one week’s to do list to the next.  

The one that makes your stomach turn over when you look at it because either you’ve no idea how to tackle it, or you just big-fat-don’t-want-to-do-it. 

Let’s face it, it’s not going anywhere. After all – you’re clever enough to have wriggled off the hook for it by now if you could. So, get it off your plate for good. 

And before you descend into a tantrum of ‘don’t make me do it!’, how about some simple (and cheesy) steps that could help? 

Figure it out 

There’s no magic bullet here. None of this is rocket science.  

But try my (surely soon to be patented)  ‘Down it’ technique – and soon that pang of guilt will become the smug, warm feeling of completion.  

Imagine a delicious drink (alcoholic or otherwise) that you can just start sipping… 

Step 1 – write it down 

  • No, I mean really write it down!  
  • What’s the point of it? What does good look like?  
  • What standard is required – is this gold, silver or bronze? 
  • Use unambiguous language. If you’re writing woolly statements, then that’s your problem right there. You don’t really know what it is. 

Step 2 – break it down

  • Sounds simple – it’s often the bit that trips us up
  • What are the steps to get there? 
  • What are the component parts? 
  • Do the first step as soon as possible – because then you’ve started it! 

Step 3 – send it down 

  • Who are you farming out the various steps too? 
  • Who can help you get it done? 
  • Who are the subject matter experts that need to advise you on it? 
  • What research or information do you need to achieve your definition of ‘good’? 

And once you’ve delivered it… 

Step 4 – shake it down 

  • How did it go? 
  • What went well? What didn’t?
  • What have you learned?
  • What do you need to do next? 


So, tell me: what are you going to down today?  


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