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Something to look forward to

Something to look forward to

Nicola Hopes

9 March 2021

I don’t know about you, but I can just about taste the (heavily caveated) carrot dangled by the devolved governments in the UK last month.

In England - follow the rules and by the end of March you can see groups of your friends and family in 3D. Sit tight until April and you can get a haircut and tame those wanton locks. Keep on keeping on until May and you can go to the pub… and in June you might just start to go places.

This last lockdown has been hard for all the reasons you already know about – it’s been cold, it’s been dark and there’s a gloomy feeling of déjà vu. In every conversation I’ve had with a client or colleague in the past few weeks, we’ve talked about the need to have something positive to look forward to right now.

Having fun to anticipate is a basic human need. And it manages anxiety.

“By having something fun coming down the pipeline, you’re effectively challenging [any] pessimistic beliefs about what lies ahead. You’re imagining a new potential future — one with good times and challenges overcome instead of a bleak, powerless tomorrow,”

Ryan Howes, clinical psychologist and writer

Those conversations inspired me, and I booked a trip. We’re going to stay in a tree house (!) in the beautiful New Forest in July. It overlooks a vineyard that offers tours and wine tasting packages. It has a veranda high up in the tree canopy with an outside copper bath.

The pleasure of anticipation that trip has given me in the two weeks since I booked it is immeasurable. And it got me thinking.

Given the cautious and caveated roadmap that we are on, what have you given your team to look forward to?

A shot in the arm – pardon the pun

Your team have been through a lot. But you can help them bounce back.

What can you create in their diary now for them to look forward to in the future?

  • The launch of that paused project that will make their lives easier and customers happier?
  • The (socially sensible) awayday where they can connect, collaborate, share ideas or innovate?
  • A session to agree more agile ways of working – i.e., smaller, highly focussed, dedicated teams with a clear mandate to get on with it?
  • A team strategy refresh where they can research, contribute and own their own elements?

Result = increase in engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

Don’t wait until you’re more certain – because you’ll be waiting a long time. Anything you set up will be subject to change (as all things are at the moment) – but your team know that. And they’ll forgive you for it because the intention is right.

Grab a cuppa, have a think then hit reply and tell me what you’re going to set up for your team.

P.S. Need a lift right now for your team meeting, virtual away day or conference? I’m now booking virtual masterclasses through to the summer. 

My fun, live, interactive sessions get feedback like:

We want to hear what she has to say – and she makes it real. She has the knowledge and know-how to support, discuss, persuade and take the team on the journey”.

Topics include:

  • Deliver lasting change with less - where to compromise and where to invest
  • Do less and do it better - a dose of reality about priorities
  • How to be a distinct and memorable leader

Book a call with me if you’d like me to give your team or event a boost!

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