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What's your 1 thing?

What's your 1 thing?

Nicola Hopes

10 January 2023

In amongst all the emails telling you the thing you bought in December is now half price (argh!) here's one that's worthy of a pause.

We’ve hit the reset button and have a brand spanking new year to play with.  

And like fresh new snow that you’d love to walk in – you have a chance to make your mark in 2023 in exactly the way you want to.  

Do you even know what you want this year? Apart from infinitely more time and a magic youth serum that means you can run as fast as you did 20 years ago. 

So, I’ll ask you one key question:  

What’s the 1 thing that has to change in 2023 to get you closer to your goals? 

Note: I’m not asking what you have to achieve or what’s in your objectives… really have a think about what needs to change.  

I love this quote from Lao Tzu: 

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” 

So, what has to be different to get you heading in the right direction? To make you more happy, more successful, more effective this year. 

  • Is it a behaviour that’s not helping you? 
  • Is it a mindset that doesn’t serve you? 
  • Is it an attitude that gets you nowhere? 

This might not be an easy one to identify, so mull it over.  

Find the key 

If the answer isn’t jumping out for you… how about asking yourself these questions: 

  • What lessons do I need to learn? 
  • What stops me from being awesome? 
  • What feedback do I get from my colleagues, family or friends and what’s the implication? 
  • What doesn’t help me anymore? 
  • Where do I want to spend my precious time and energy?

Trust your instinct to identify the thing that will have the biggest impact on the year and go after it with all you have. I trust you not to dodge it and go for the easy win!  

Make sure you look back on this year with joy and pride. 

Come on, you can do it! After all, changing behaviours can’t be as hard as battling the January sales on the high street, can it? 

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