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Free Therapy?

Free Therapy?

Nicola Hopes

19 October 2022

Do you want some free therapy right now? Thought you might. 

Well look no further. Grab a coffee (and that warm jumper) and settle in for the next tool in your autumn / winter toolkit to help you ride the storm.  

I call it: Do you see what I see? 

Political chaos once again descends in the UK, along with a corporate tightening of belts worldwide for an anticipated downturn. As a result, it’s all a bit grim out there. 

Add in the fact that your budgets and resources are being trimmed while the expected output stays the same. The relentless change. And the increase in commuting and business travel putting a huge dent in your time – it’s enough to generate an existential crisis. 

But before you lie down in a dark room clutching your brow or google ‘skilled counsellors’ in your area - take a breath. 

There are people out there who are experiencing some of the very same issues you are. People who can help. For free. 

Who are these saviours of the day? 

Well, they’re people just like you. 

Through my corporate career and my life as a coach and consultant – I've had the best conversations with people who do what I do. And, at my recommendation, my clients do too. 

I don’t always agree with these people (in fact it’s better when we don’t) but we do see the same patterns, the same trends and the same issues. 

And it’s unbelievably cathartic to talk about it. 

And before you tell me you do it already - I’m not talking about an exchange of pleasantries over a stale sandwich at a conference. Or a minor sigh and rolling of the eyes with a colleague at a seminar over a shared frustration. And I’m definitely not talking about reading an in-depth report – no catharsis there! 

I’m talking about an honest conversation with people who have similar pressures. You’d be amazed how much you can get done over a flat white. Or, even better, over a long lunch (healthy sushi of course, because it’s only Wednesday and you ate out twice at the weekend!). 

The result… 

At the very least – someone who understands and a confirmation that you aren’t imagining it. 

At best – a solution you haven’t come up with, an idea that’s brand new, a challenge to accepted thinking. Or perhaps a therapist for life? 

3 steps to being back in the zone 

So, find the time to help yourself and you’ll be back on form in no time. 

Step 1:  

  • Go back to the network and seek out the people whose roles or current experiences match yours.  
  • Note: this is not the person who you used to work with who now runs a florist. That may be a great catch up but it’s not the point of this. 

Step 2:  

  • Write down the worry list. The real worry list!  
  • The stuff that occasionally keeps you up at night… 

Step 3: 

  • Be prepared to share and be honest in return for advice or support. 
  • Be generous with your own perspectives and ideas for them – it’s quid pro quo after all! 

Rinse and repeat regularly. 

It’s free and easy, so what harm can it do? Right?  

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