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6 February 2024
The easy way to motivate your team

How many times have you used the phrase - "Well, it depends how you look at it?"

And was it just a platitude to shut down a disagreeable point? Or did you mean it?

I really hope you meant it. Because it's true.

20 June 2023
Proud of yourself?

Do you ever find your eye involuntarily twitching when you see the waffly, rushed comms your team members submit for approval? Or the dull as dishwater presentations you have to patiently critique?

I recently debated the tricky topic of standards with a coaching client. And how to set them with your team.

8 March 2023
For heaven's sake, just ask her!

Sometimes it's the simplest advice that has the biggest impact. Case in point:

Client: We’ve introduced a mentoring programme for senior women, removed names from job applications, and run unconscious bias training for our leaders. But I know we still have a problem getting diverse voices into leadership. [Sigh]
Me: How are you measuring success?
Client: We’ve got the data consultants running some analysis on diversity.
Me: What’s the feedback on the ground on the things you’ve done so far?
Client: Erm. Don’t know.

21 February 2023
How to avoid the change car crash

Overheard in a coaching session recently….

Me: So, you think you’re confident with change?
Client: Yes. I react really positively to it.
Me: Really? Because that new service you were asked to deliver last year really sent you through a loop…

7 February 2023
Change Chicken or Change Conqueror?

Are you struggling to make change at the pace you need?  

Yes? Trust me, you’re not alone! 

10 January 2023
What's your 1 thing?

In amongst all the emails telling you the thing you bought in December is now half price (argh!) here's one that's worthy of a pause.

We’ve hit the reset button and have a brand spanking new year to play with.  

And like fresh new snow that you’d love to walk in – you have a chance to make your mark in 2023 in exactly the way you want to.

29 November 2022
A problem named, is a problem halved

Problems. They’re like buses - they seem to come in 3s.

And it’s harder to deal with 3 niggly problems than one big one that you can sink your teeth into.

At the moment, we’re not lacking sources for problems. Financial. Business. Economic. Political. Humanitarian. I’m tired just thinking about it!

But don’t panic, we’ll get those 3 key problems solved in no time.

15 November 2022
A legal high

So, who’s feeling a little bit tired? A little bit flat with dark evenings? A tiny bit overwhelmed with the political minefield of Christmas gifts and visits?  

Who’s feeling just a little bit uninspired? 

Never fear. Inspiration is only a text or WhatsApp away. 

1 November 2022
Hey, I just say it like it is!

How many times have you heard (or said) the phrase – ‘I just say it like it is. I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to get stuff done’. Argh! 

And how many times has it been met with universal approval? Never. 

But…we all need to share our ideas or concerns. To challenge and be heard. 

19 October 2022
Free Therapy?

Do you want some free therapy right now? Thought you might. 

Well look no further. Grab a coffee (and that warm jumper) and settle in for the next tool in your autumn / winter toolkit to help you ride the storm.  

I call it: Do you see what I see? 

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