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22 March 2022
Stop. Collaborate and LISTEN

I’m very good at spotting when a client is on transmit and not receive. But I have been known to get the balance wrong myself and it almost cost me (and my client) a day of time… 

8 March 2022
Her behaviour isn’t the problem: the messages you send to female colleagues

For every 66 women we talk to about their personal style, we talk to 1 man about theirs. 

In 2022 we still seem utterly obsessed with how women behave. 

14 February 2022
What’s driving your bike: how to harness the IQ and EQ

Imagine the scene, it’s a cold February afternoon. I’m at a conference. I’ve heard several speakers already and my brain is whirling with the ideas I’ve heard and dissolving under the weight of them. My energy levels are dropping and I’m wondering when the next coffee break is… 

1 February 2022
Choosing not to get wiser?

Heard at a recent leadership webinar I attended… 

“Experience isn’t worth anything –

it’s the reflection on that experience that counts.

If we don’t reflect, we’re choosing not to get wiser”

In amongst some theory about wisdom (perhaps too much theory if you ask me), that statement stood out, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon. 

So, why is reflection such a big deal?  

19 January 2022
The ‘F’ word: what gives you the fear?

So, whether you’re optimistic about 2022 or feeling as knackered as when you finished last year… I think we can all agree that the pace isn’t slowing. We’ve given up on waiting for more certainty to get stuff done so we’re on with the strategy and turning plans into action. But is something holding you back? Something that’s stopping you kicking off that project or starting that goal? 

7 December 2021
Quality feedback in 90 seconds

Give or receive meaningful feedback in less time than it takes to make a soft-boiled egg?  


You betcha! 

23 November 2021
Ask for what you want – you just might get it!

One of the things my best mate likes about me is that I’m not afraid to (politely) ask for what I want. (Accepting, of course, that I may not always get it). This is often helped by a side-order of cheek – I can’t help it, it’s genetic. 

9 November 2021
Why does it have to be you?

Let me just say for the record – I know you’re fabulous. I know you’re uniquely skilled to do what you do, and they’d be lost without you… 

(Yes, you guessed it, there’s a ‘but’ coming) 

…but…what makes you think it’s all down to you? 

26 October 2021
Style over Substance

Picture the scene: I’m on my way to work with an amazing client and facilitate their workshop. The prep is done, the agenda is set, and I’m ready!

12 October 2021
Are you tired and emotional?

I had the rare experience a couple of weeks ago of coming close to losing my cool. 

In the same 4-hour period I had an emotional personal blow, an annoying work blow, some (helpful) but very direct feedback that felt like a sucker punch and, finally, a scheduling nightmare (not my creation) on a very important meeting. 

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