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28 September 2021
We forgot why we were doing this

Layering in additional stuff just leads to distraction and overwhelm. All organisations have a finite capacity for change – regardless of how much money you choose to throw at it. 

14 September 2021
Curiosity killed nobody – the cat’s fine!

It might not surprise you to know that one of my most annoying habits as a child (I’m told there were several) was relentlessly asking why.  

I didn’t accept anything on face value. And the arbitrary ‘because I said so’ was like a red rag to a bull to me. 

10 August 2021
Conquering Change: Your blueprint for change that sticks

What have you learned about making change stick in the pandemic?

27 July 2021
Who you gonna call?

We all need a safety net of collaborators and friends to turn to in a crisis, but how do you maintain these relationships to ensure a network of trusted advisors when needed?

13 July 2021
Launching Pilot Change Programme Autumn 2021

The pandemic has shown us that there are better ways to deliver change – cheaper, faster and with fewer people.

Heavy, cumbersome transformation programmes have no place in a post-COVID world.

29 June 2021
Comms: why are you making them do it?

Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail – and not communicating a powerful vision is a key contributing factor.

16 June 2021
Why are we still talking about methodology?

Have you pushed decision-making as low as you can? Or are you finding yourself marking others’ homework?

1 June 2021
What to do if you're a learning grouch like me

The higher achieving you are, the more likely you are to set high standards for yourself. Therefore, the more likely you are to resent being a beginner. And to learn new skills you have start, well, at the beginning.


18 May 2021
Shocker: change plans that actually, erm, deliver change!

The success of the NHS vaccine rollout, combined with the meeting of all key dates so far, is making future promises feel more credible. More reliable.

And some of those same principles underpin any successful change roadmap.

4 May 2021
The worst decision you ever made?

You’ll be pleased to know that improving the speed and quality of decision-making doesn’t have to involve a headache-inducing re-structure of your teams and meetings.

But it does involve some thought.

Try these tips and reap the rewards.


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