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4 October 2022
Down it!

Well, we were promised an Indian summer. But that doesn’t appear to have happened as the last two weeks have been flippin’ freezing!

So cold, in fact, that my Yorkshire husband has agreed for the heating to be on before October. I know! 

So, as you reach for your autumn and winter kit, I’m sharing a series of tools to help you re-stock your armoury for the season. 

Think of them like the reassuring hug of the cosy jumper and warm socks you need in your life right now. 

21 September 2022
Chief of Something Cool

To my utter frustration, I’m coaching some clients right now who (through no fault of their own) have an issue with a lack of clarity in their roles.  

These are c-suite leaders. Talented, focussed people who just want to be great. But they’re unable to flippin’ get on with it. 

In some cases, nobody can agree on the key purpose of the role to begin with. In others the role is new, and the organisation just doesn’t get it. 

30 August 2022
How to beat Sunday Sadness

We’re heading into September, and you’ve got 4 months to deliver the strategy, the projects or the numbers that you’re on the hook for in 2022. 

It would be easy to just dial up the intensity and dive headfirst into the to-do list. 

But… having had a break (for many of us the first real break since COVID) I’m now hearing a bit of malaise from some clients.  

19 July 2022
What do you do on your worst day?

So, I had the absolute joy of watching the Lionesses (England Women’s Football Team) trounce Norway by a record breaking 8 – 0 last Tuesday evening in the Euros. 

But… I couldn’t enjoy the game as much as I wanted to because I was too busy shouting at the TV (ask my husband, I do it a lot with sport!). 

Why all the anger? Well, Martin Sjögren, the Norway Manager, just sat back and watched his team disintegrate to a first half score of 6-0. 

But the game plan obviously wasn’t working.  

And he did nothing… 

6 July 2022
Your conference survival guide

Does the idea of ‘networking’ make you feel a tad queasy? You’re not alone. 

For many people it feels dated. Old school. And very alpha #diversity  

But, if you’re anything like me, you’re now going to a lot more face-to-face events than you have in the last 2 years. The pre-summer awards, events and conference calendar is in full swing.  

And the dreaded networking has reared its ugly head.  

As a leader you know it’s important to hear from people in your industry to get ahead of trends. To know people who do similar work, so you have people to talk to. And that a good network is worth its weight in gold when finding talent. 

21 June 2022
Oh, just say it!

Why are you holding back? If you say what you really think, what’s the worst that could happen*?  

*As long as you say it in the right way of course! 

People often ask me the best thing about running my own business… 

There are many answers to that question, but the one I keep coming back to is ‘freedom’.  

I get to work with fantastic clients I love, on projects I’m excited about. 

And… drumroll… 

I get to say what I think. 

7 June 2022
Danger! Don't ignore the experts...

So, I managed to get a fishbone jammed through my tonsil whilst enjoying a delicious lunch with a coaching colleague… #nomoreredmullet 

I’m fine now, thank you. 

But I wasn’t fine for a while. 

17 May 2022
And the award doesn’t go to… are you trying to do 10 things badly? 

Are you in danger of doing 10 things badly rather than 3 things well?  

Are you feeling like the proverbial butterfly, flitting in and out of key projects without feeling like you’re really making a difference? 

You’re not alone. 

Almost every client I speak to right now is feeling that way.  

3 May 2022
Are you a ‘caver’ with big projects? 

Are you a ‘caver’? 

I mean, do you cave in and give up too easily when you’re told your plans might not be possible or your timelines are unreasonable? 

Well, cavers live in the dark. And that’s not where you want to be, is it? 

Look, I know the reality of making change happen in a demanding business. We’ve all heard the analogy of changing the wheels while the car is moving.  

19 April 2022
Why am I even here? The beauty of outcome focussed meetings 

I almost spat my mint tea over my screen with laughter.

We were discussing how to make time for development in a coaching wrap up session and one joyfully defiant comment really tickled me.

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